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March 26, 2011

New & Gently Used Coming Back on the Blog!

I've had several e-mails from ladies looking for products!
Some Items I've been able to help them with but others I was not able to help at this time....
This is just one of the many reasons why I'm bringing back the
New & Gently Used section Tabs
{across the top of the blog}
on my modest4me blog! I want to help people find what they are looking for & plus Help people make a little money by selling their products on my site for FREE!

While you're in Spring Cleaning mode... Cleaning out Closests & such
Set some items aside to post on modest4me to sell
& make a little extra money without having to leave your house!

-- *NEW or *Gently Used --

Go HERE to find out how!

April 1st is the first day to start shopping!
I need your pics. & posts ASAP if you
want to be one of the many to Post for FREE!!

March 20, 2011

How do I post my Items to sell?

To post your *NEW or *Gently used items on modest4me is really simple!

4 Things to do... 1st: Pictures! It's hard to sell things without pictures. Front & Back of the product is recommended. You can send me up to 4 different pics. of the same product. JPEG format - bigger the size the better, it's easier to size down than size up & still have the pics. look good. The product can be worn on a person, mannequin, hanging on a hanger, or lying on a flat surface - which ever you prefer.

You don't have to have a nice camera either, a phone camera is just fine.

2nd: Short - Brief Description of each product. A Few sentences will be just fine.
Be Honest & up front, please. I've seen people purchase a swim top knowing that the one of the straps was sewn on backwards because it was in the description. You'll be surprised what people will buy! ~ so if it's NOT Perfect - don't count it out. I will "copy" & "paste" what you send to me into your ad for each product, please have ALL the info. -Price & E-mail for EACH item(s), please. 3rd: Price. You need to price your Products. Be competitive. Look and see what other's have posted that item or similar item for. If it's Original, ask yourself what you would pay for it. I can change the pricing any time you want me to. Just send me an e-mail & I will change it within 24hrs. of the request. {I work from home so most likely it will be done within a few hrs.} 4th: Your E-mail. People will need to get in contact with you to purchase your products. I will need an e-mail address for people to use to contact you - not me.
A Few " Tid Bits" to think about....

-- It is up to you how you want people to pay you. Pay pal - most people have accounts, cashier's check, they can meet you.... totally up to you! -- It is also up to you if you want the item(s) you are selling to be "Final Sale" "as is final sale" which means No Refunds/Returns. You will need to have this in your brief description. -- ALSO Don't forget S/H! You can include this in your price & in your description say "FREE S/H" or you can add S/H fees along with the Price of your Item(s). *The Post office has a Flat Rate Shipping Envelope {the envelope is free to use} & the Flat rate shipping is like $4.95 {don't quote me on this price}. Whatever fits in the envelope ships for that Flat amount no Matter how much it weighs! EXAMPLE: Jeans can be shoved in these & they tend to weigh a lot! ~ Save yourself some money!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This Service that I'm providing on my blog is FREE for now.

{FYI}... Later on in the months/yrs. to come I may charge a small fee Prior to posting.

Jump on it now while it's FREE!

"It is ultimately up to me, the owner of this blog, to post your item(s).

If for any reason the item(s)/Picture(s) that you

would like me to post on modest4me I feel are inappropriate,

I will let you know & they will not be posted." -Nickelle

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If this is something you decided to do on the modest4me blog, by you sending me the following 4 things listed above you agree to the following: I will e-mail nickelleatmodest4medotcom once my items are pending payment (your choice if you want me to post pending payment) but Mandatory when item(s) have Sold & you have the funds in your account! Nickelle will permanently remove the item(s) that you have e-mailed to her ASAP. Once my item(s) are posted, I will help spread the word & tell my family & friends, via e-mail, fb. Who knows, maybe they will buy something of yours or find something on here that they've been looking for or even post some of their stuff. You could be helping them out without even knowing it! {True Service!}

~Thank You for Supporting this Service ~

~For Helping Spread the word about it & Helping each other out!

...Doesn't it feel good?!

March 18, 2011

~ Modest Swimwear ~ Hapari

It's Swimsuit Shopping Time! Have You Found yours Yet?!

Hapari has some really Cute New one's this year!

Did you know they have Something for the Whole Family?!

Your Teen Swimwear aka Jr. Swimwear/Swimsuits, Kids aka Children Swimwear/Swimsuits & they even have something for the Men, Boys in our lives! ~ They are Called Captians Quarter's!

Hapri also has Plus Size Swimsuits. They are Flattering with Comfortable Coverage!

So Which one is your Favorite?!

These are just a few....

To See More ~ Shop Here!


Tell your Family & Friends about modest4me.com

"Happy Shopping!"

March 16, 2011

Modest Clothing

Boku Clothing is being acquired by IndieCloth.com ~ How Exciting!!!

Use Coupon Code: indiecloth for an EXTRA 25% OFF Sale Prices! {SweeT!}

Go HERE to Shop!

All Sales Final.
Remember... Free Shipping!

"HaPPy ShoPPinG!"

March 15, 2011

Allison's Dressing your Truth...

Some adequate words that described how I felt when I used to shop are, frustrated, confused, overwhelmed and fed up! Sound familiar? As I talked with my friends and acquaintances about shopping, many also expressed a general lack of enthusiasm. Why though? Aren’t women supposed to like shopping? I suppose at one point I did.

When I was a teenager it was fun to go to the mall with my buds and pick out and purchase my very own clothes. Even in my early 20s, I still found shopping in general to be an adventure, a challenge I was up for. What can I find? How far can I stretch my money? But, somewhere in my mid to late 20s things changed for me. Then, at 31, I found myself cringing as I walked into the department store or as I shopped online. I felt confused about what section to visit, the juniors or “mature ladies?” I didn’t consider myself to be either. Should I buy the “in” thing (even if I swore after the 80s never to wear that style again)? Should I go for a more “classic” approach (even though my grandmother owned the same style)? AHHH!!!! By now you may be wondering if the point of this post is just for me to blow off some steam, or if I am actually going somewhere with it. I wanted to share my negative thoughts about shopping because I think there are a lot of women that feel the same way that I used to feel. The key words being used to, past tense.

When I look for clothes and accessories now, I feel confident, sure, and empowered. I have a direction with my fashion and can shop with ease at a variety of stores and in a variety of departments. I know what I am looking for and don’t feel overwhelmed by all of the options. Best of all, I look and feel great! What changed things for me? Dressing Your Truth.

I was introduced to the program, Dressing Your Truth by a friend. I took notice that she was looking great and my curiosity was sparked one day when she posted a link on her Facebook page to Dressing Your Truth. As I researched the program, I was excited, but cautious. It sounded too good to be true. Finally, after another frustrating shopping trip, I ordered the Dressing Your Truth program and have begun a wonderful journey that has changed how I feel about my wardrobe and myself. The Dressing Your Truth journey begins by discovering your energy profile. There are 4 different types. I am a type 3. This reminds me somewhat of the color code test, but is way more comprehensive and accurate in my opinion. After you discover your type, you are ready to start dressing your truth. There are suggested colors, textures, patterns, jewelry, hairstyles and much more for each energy type.

Don’t worry, this is not a one-size fits all program. There is plenty of room to make your style uniquely yours. Best of all, it is so easy to follow! You will know exactly what to look for when you shop. There is hope for all of you women that are confused, overwhelmed, or fed up with the fashion world. There is a program that will make shopping enjoyable again! That program is Dressing Your Truth.

to be continued....

March 8, 2011

Modest Clothing & Modest Swimwear Companies all in one place!

I'm Excited to tell you that I'm going to be adding more Companies to this blog! More Places to Shop! Now you only need to Read ~ Follow One Place! Since it seems like we all don't have enough time to Shop these days - & Shopping for Modest Clothing & Modest Swimwear is getting more difficult to find.
I've been thinking about what Modest means? in terms of... Modest Clothing to one person doesn't mean it's modest to another & the same with Modest Swimwear. Everybody has their "Opinions" to what is & what isn't. For some, of it's Religion. For Religious reasons people may wear certain clothing or swimwear- does that make them any better than the rest of us?! - no.
Some Women are insecure about their bodies & want to cover it up. Others just don't care & think showing less makes them feel pretty. My blog is here to Show & Help ALL Women find the Modest Clothing & Modest Swimwear that is Cute, Fashionable & Affordable All in one place with a nice selection of Modest Clothing Companies & Modest Swimwear Companies to shop on! I hope you find what you are looking for & come back again & again & Share this blog with your family & friends! ~ Chances are they've been looking for the same things you have found here!
This blog is going to "go" places & just think... You were here for the Beginning of it all!
Thank You for your Support! xo
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