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March 20, 2011

How do I post my Items to sell?

To post your *NEW or *Gently used items on modest4me is really simple!

4 Things to do... 1st: Pictures! It's hard to sell things without pictures. Front & Back of the product is recommended. You can send me up to 4 different pics. of the same product. JPEG format - bigger the size the better, it's easier to size down than size up & still have the pics. look good. The product can be worn on a person, mannequin, hanging on a hanger, or lying on a flat surface - which ever you prefer.

You don't have to have a nice camera either, a phone camera is just fine.

2nd: Short - Brief Description of each product. A Few sentences will be just fine.
Be Honest & up front, please. I've seen people purchase a swim top knowing that the one of the straps was sewn on backwards because it was in the description. You'll be surprised what people will buy! ~ so if it's NOT Perfect - don't count it out. I will "copy" & "paste" what you send to me into your ad for each product, please have ALL the info. -Price & E-mail for EACH item(s), please. 3rd: Price. You need to price your Products. Be competitive. Look and see what other's have posted that item or similar item for. If it's Original, ask yourself what you would pay for it. I can change the pricing any time you want me to. Just send me an e-mail & I will change it within 24hrs. of the request. {I work from home so most likely it will be done within a few hrs.} 4th: Your E-mail. People will need to get in contact with you to purchase your products. I will need an e-mail address for people to use to contact you - not me.
A Few " Tid Bits" to think about....

-- It is up to you how you want people to pay you. Pay pal - most people have accounts, cashier's check, they can meet you.... totally up to you! -- It is also up to you if you want the item(s) you are selling to be "Final Sale" "as is final sale" which means No Refunds/Returns. You will need to have this in your brief description. -- ALSO Don't forget S/H! You can include this in your price & in your description say "FREE S/H" or you can add S/H fees along with the Price of your Item(s). *The Post office has a Flat Rate Shipping Envelope {the envelope is free to use} & the Flat rate shipping is like $4.95 {don't quote me on this price}. Whatever fits in the envelope ships for that Flat amount no Matter how much it weighs! EXAMPLE: Jeans can be shoved in these & they tend to weigh a lot! ~ Save yourself some money!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This Service that I'm providing on my blog is FREE for now.

{FYI}... Later on in the months/yrs. to come I may charge a small fee Prior to posting.

Jump on it now while it's FREE!

"It is ultimately up to me, the owner of this blog, to post your item(s).

If for any reason the item(s)/Picture(s) that you

would like me to post on modest4me I feel are inappropriate,

I will let you know & they will not be posted." -Nickelle

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If this is something you decided to do on the modest4me blog, by you sending me the following 4 things listed above you agree to the following: I will e-mail nickelleatmodest4medotcom once my items are pending payment (your choice if you want me to post pending payment) but Mandatory when item(s) have Sold & you have the funds in your account! Nickelle will permanently remove the item(s) that you have e-mailed to her ASAP. Once my item(s) are posted, I will help spread the word & tell my family & friends, via e-mail, fb. Who knows, maybe they will buy something of yours or find something on here that they've been looking for or even post some of their stuff. You could be helping them out without even knowing it! {True Service!}

~Thank You for Supporting this Service ~

~For Helping Spread the word about it & Helping each other out!

...Doesn't it feel good?!

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