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November 28, 2010

Cyber Monday! ~ Modest Clothing ~ FREE SHIPPING!

It's Cyber Monday!!
Look at these Cyber Monday SaLes from

~ Modest Clothing Stores


Great Fashion at Affordable Prices! ~

Boku Clothing ALWAYS offers FREE Shipping!

They have some great Sale Prices right now!
Get an Additional 25% OFF your order of

$50 or more!

24hr Boku Clothing Cyber Sale! Hurry...Time is tick'n!

Novae Clothing is Offering a 3 Day Cyber Monday Event!

They have some Great SaLe Prices Right now!

Get FREE SHIPPING with Purchase of $25 or more!

Receieve a $5 Gift Card with any Purchase of $40 or More!
Novae Clothing's 3 Day Cyber Monday event ends

Dec. 1 at Midnight!

Enjoy ALL the SweeT Deals both

Boku Clothing & Novae Clothing have to offer YoU!

It's all about Saving Money People! :o)

"HaPPY ShoPPinG!"

Please share this "post" with your friends on fb

& "Like" our Modest 4 Me page,

HeLp Support these Small Business'!

Thanks! :o)

November 27, 2010

MoDeSt CloThinG ~ Novae Clothing After Thanksgiving SaLe!

Novae Clothing is having yet, another Sale after the InCredibLe Black Friday Sale!!

Have you had enough?!
I Sure haven't... I LoVe saving money on good Products!

You get to Shop with Sale Prices + Take 10% Off those Sale Prices when you purchase 3 Items or more! ~ How SweeT is That?!

Go HERE to ShoP!

"HaPPy ShoPPing!" :o)

November 26, 2010

Novae Clothing ~ 24 hr.Black Friday Sale ~ Modest Clothing

Novae Clothing has really Slashed their Prices!!
24 hr. Black Friday Sale!!

They say they have very Limited Quantities, so get it NOW before the items you've had your eyes on are GONE!

ALL their Cadets are: $12.25 {Insane Price!}
What a CuTe Stocking Stuffer to have hanging out...

The Entire Store is On SaLe!!

Plus they are offering FREE SHIPPING
with any purchase $25 or more!
{have a friend go in with you on your order to get the FREE Shipping!}

What are you waiting for?!?!?!

November 15, 2010

~ Gift Special! ~ Novae Clothing

'Tis the Season for Giving!

Novae Clothing has a Gift Special that they want to share with You!

2 Promo's to take advantage of at the same Time!!!

ok, so here is how it works, you purchase any 2 Henleys ~ Mix 'n Match them, for only $25 bucks! {go in with a freind!} Then if you wanted to add a 3rd item, or more for that matter, You'll get 10% OFF your 3rd or more items!!

Pretty SweeT huh!

Share this, & more to come, with your Famliy & Freinds...
You never know if they are shopping for this.
{who knows, maybe it's for YOU!}

Warning: SHOP EARLY {now} for Best selection!
Get a head start on that Christmas Wish List!

Thanks & "HaPPy ShoPPinG!" :o)

November 10, 2010

~ Modest Clothing & Modest Swimwear ~ Christmas 2010

I Can't wait to start typing about ALL the Christmas Sales, Coupon Codes, Gift Cards, FREE Shipping!

These are just a few of the Christmas Promo's that I will be telling you about!

I will inform you of Christmas Sales, Coupon codes, & Free Shipping that is being offered through the Modest Clothing & Modest Swimwear Companies that I work with here on Modest4me!

Watch for Black Friday Sales & Specials & Don't forget about Cyber Monday!!!

~ Check back here often, so YoU get the Best Christmas Deal @ the Best Pr$ce on the Best Christmas Present! ~ Unique Christmas Gifts!!

You can "Follow us" & like our fb page to Stay Informed!

November 8, 2010

Modest Clothing ~ Novae Clothing Giveaways! ~ Gift Card!

Day 5.

Last & Final DaY.... for now.
ONE $25 Dollar Gift Card!



Go look in your inbox!

~ The really CooL thing about Novae Clothing's gift cards is ~ The S/H & Tax (if shipping in Idaho) is automatically taken out of the Balance... If you go OVER your balance then you pay the difference! I don't know how many Gift Cards/Certificates are like that.... I always thought you had to pay for the s/h & tax out of pocket reguardless of how much was still remaining on your card.

~ So, Nothing out of Pocket as long as you stay within your Balance of your Novae Clothing Gift Card! {LoVe It!}

Many, Many of You have already been entered to WiN this SweeT Gift Card!
+ you can still continue to "Increase" your chances!
Novae Clothing is going to enter EVERYONE who has
Signed up for "Novae News"
Made Comments on fb ~ on Modest4me, Novae Clothing & Your Personal walls about Novae Clothing & their Giveaways!
**The more We see your name, that's how many times your name will be Entered in this Drawing!**
It is NEVER to Late to do all the above to get your self entered... More the Merrier!
We will announce the Winner tonight!
Good LucK to you all & Have FuN!
**Get your Family & Friends Involved, this obviously helped a few of our Winners this week! ~ Which by the way.... If you were a Previous Winner, You get a chance to WIN this too!! :o)
-- have Questions? send me an e-mail: Nickelle at modest 4 me dot com.

~ DaY 4 ~ Novae Clothing Giveaways!

DaY 4.

Novae Clothing's Grand Opening Giveaways!

The Banded Ruffle Scoop Neck!
(a $16 value)
This Top is such a "PreTTy" Red.
{I LoVe Red}

For more details on this product go HERE.





This CuTe top will be shipped to One LuCky WinneR for FREE!

YoU can Participate in this Giveaway in many different ways!

~ The More we see your Name... the Better your chances!! ~
{even for giveaway 5...hint hint}
1} "Like" Novae Clothing on fb. + Help Spread the word, Suggest your friends like it too.
**Make sure your friends mention your name when they leave a comment!

2} Send e-mails to your Family & Friends telling them about Novaeclothing.com & have them sign up for "Novae News"! (They will Thank You for it!)
**Make sure your Family & Friends leave a comment with your name in it somewhere!

3} Sign up for "Novae News" -- Believe me, if You have not done this YoU will want to! (Exclusives just for YoU to help you get started on your Christmas Shopping!)
You can go
HERE to do this!

4} Leave me a Comment telling me what your Favorite Novae Clothing Product is & What clothing items YoU are looking for this Christmas/Winter! ~ What do ya need/want?!

**The Winner will be announced tonight!**
The Same Winner can't win twice but they can help by Nominating someone!
{Yes this really works! ~ This is how last night's Winner won!}
Have FuN People! :o)

November 7, 2010

Novae Clothing's Grand Opening Giveaways! ~ DaY 3 ~

The FunKy Capsleeve T.
(an $18 value!)

Novae Clothing is soooo ExCiTeD to be giving this CuTe top away to One LucKy WinneR!

~ This CuTe top has been one of the most requested....
and it could be Yours for FREE!
For more details on the Product go HERE.

The Winner of The FunKy Capsleeve T is:
{drum roll please...}
Go check your inbox!

YoU & your Friends can enter this SweeT Giveaway in Many Different ways!

1} Sign up for "Novae News" ~ Novae Clothing's Newsletters, You can go HERE to do that....
(their may be a Surprise 4 You in the days to come!)

2} "Like" Novae Clothing & Suggest your Friends that you think would like to know about Novae Clothing! Make sure your Friends tell us WHO referred them... HUGE Brownie Points!

3} "Like" Modest4me on fb & then Leave me a comment telling me How YoU found out about Novae Clothing!

4} Send e-mails to your Family & Friends telling them about Novaeclothing.com & have them leave me a comment.
**Remind them to mention your name!

The Winner will be announced later tonight!
**The same Person can't Win twice, but they can nominate someone! :o)
Thanks & Have FuN!! :o)

November 6, 2010

Novae Clothing's Day 2 Grand Opening Giveaway!

Day 2
~ Novae Clothing's Grand opening Giveaways! ~

The Henley Hoodie!
(a $17 Value) + it will be Shipped FREE to the Winner!
For more details on this CuTe top
go HERE.

The Winner of the Hoodie Henley is

go Check your e-mail box!!

You can enter this SweeT Giveaway in many different ways!

1} "Like" Novae Clothing on their fb page & then Suggest your friends to "like" it too, make sure your friends tell us who suggested them so you get credit for the referral!

2} If you don't fb, that's ok! Send e-mails out to your friends telling them about this SweeT 5 day Giveaway! Have them leave a comment below mentioning your name so YoU get credit for the referral!

3} Sign up for "Novae News" (Novae Clothing's newsletters) You can go HERE to do that!
--Very, very Important... HuGe! (their may be a SuRpRise for YoU in the days to come!)

**The Same Person can't win twice, but they can Nominate someone!
The Winner will be announced later tonight!
Good LucK! & Have FuN! :o)

November 5, 2010

Modest Cothing ~ 5 DaY Giveaway!! ~ Novae Clothing

ok, LaDieS & Gent's... for those Gent's that are entering for their LaDieS as a Surprise! ~ {how sweet!}

Novae Clothing is Celebrating their GRAND Opening Today! They are going to be doing a Giveaway EVERYDAY for 5 days! They said it's their way of giving their Family & Friends a "High FiVe!" ~ {Love it!}

Today is DAY 1
they are giving away ONE Star Cadet w/Distress
(a $15 value)! + they are going to Ship it to the Lucky Winner for FREE!
For more details on the Product go HERE.

Thanks Stephanie! Check your fb, I left you a message!

YoU can Enter this SweeT Giveaway in Many different ways!

1} "Like" Novae Clothing's fb Page & Write on their Wall, telling them "Thank You for the Giveaways!" & tell them YoU want to WiN!

2} We LoVe YoU & Your Friends LoVe YoU too!

~ Suggest your friends to "like" Novae Clothing on fb & make sure you tell them to write on Novae Clothing's wall that YoU sent them! because we all LoVe one another!

~ Don't fb, that's ok, send e-mails to your friends directing them here (Modest4me) & have them leave a comment, just make sure they mention your name too! :o)

3} Sign up for "Novae News" Very,Very Important...go HERE to do that...{a Surprise will come later for you!}

4} Leave a Comment below & tell me Your Favorite Novae Clothing Product so far!

~The more Your Name is Shown... the Better your chances!!~

**The same Person can't win twice but they can "Nominate" someone!

The Winner will be announced at the end of the DaY!

~ So check back here at Modest4me for your Daily Winner!

Thanks & Good LucK to Everyone! :o)

November 4, 2010

Modest Clothing ~ Boku Clothing! ~ Comfy/CoZy 2010

Boku Clothing has just released some New Comfy & CoZy products for the Fall!
So many Scarves to Choose From!

{These would look GreaT with one of Boku's Dress-Skirts!}

"LiZZie" is a 3/4 Sleeve Jacket!
Perfect to keep off the "Chill"
of Fall.... Comes in 3 Different ColoRs! {YES!}

Boku Clothing ALWAYS offers FREE Shipping...to Shop go: HERE!

Thanks & as ALWAYS
"HaPPy ShoPPinG!" :o)

November 2, 2010

Novae Clothing Product Reviews ~ Modest Clothing

So I had the Privilege of trying on some of the products from Novae Clothing ~ Love them by the way!
Before I get started the option is available to you to read:

the Modest 4 Me Disclaimer & Review Policy

Just to give you an idea of what I look like.... I'm a little over 5'7" & have long legs & arms a small/short torso & a small chest to match! (I did have 4 kids ya know...) I normally wear a size Small in tops, sometimes XS.

Their now that you have a visual of me this is how the products fit me & my body type.... which by the way I would put myself between a boy shape & petite shape -- but then I have a "bubble bum" too --- so wouldn't that put me in a little pear shape too?! Anyways, we are all shaped differently, Thank goodness!

The V-Neck Shadow Stripe (Novae Clothing)

I really liked this shirt, both the Olive color & the brown are pretty colors. I would recommend wearing something under it -- the in between stripes are lighter.
The Sleeves, oh my gosh! They are long enough! YAY! ~ And CuTe! I have never seen sleeves like this before....It is slimming in the mid section, which I think gives it an even more Girly look! I think the model wearing this is over 6feet & she is wearing a size small.

The Bow Tie Ruffle Front, I have to say it... is One of my Favorites! (Novae Clothing)

The material is soft & stretchy! (I think this would look cute on a prego belly!) I like the way the layers of the fabric around the neck just layer around it & the Bow Tie & Ruffles really draw your attention! I thought this shirt fit a little bit on the Bigger end. The size Small is still a little big on me. --But it's so darn cute, I would still wear it! I wore a black undershirt underneath it, but I usually wear undershirts under everything now a days...

The arm holes are not tight --they fit nicely/loose (they have a gathered elastic band around them) I think this model is also over 6feet tall & she normally wears a size Med. & the Shirt she is wearing is a size Small!

This Henley Thermal is definitely made for layering. (Novae Clothing)

When I layer, I like to be able to breathe. I usually order up a size than what I normally would wear. -- except for the layering piece that I put on first, I would normally get that in a size small.

This Blue thermal I personally would wear in a Size Med. so I could wear an undershirt underneath it. The size Small fit, it was just a little more snug than how I normally wear my clothes. The arms were long enough! YAY! (can you tell this is a problem area for me?!)

I have never had a Thermal Hoodie before. (Novae Clothing) So when I layered it with the Henley Thermal, I really liked it! I tried this one on in a size Small -- but the Med. would've been fine too. The sleeves were long enough for me on both sizes. --again, the size small was a little more snug.

ok, this FunKy Capsleeve T is FuN!! (Novae Clothing) What kind of mom doesn't wear a FuN T?! Their is still a KiD in me somewhere....

This shirt is pretty true to size. I tried on a size Small & it was fine. -- It was even long enough! YAY! I would recommend wearing an undershirt with this one as well... it's a little see through. The material is soft & a stretchy too! (Cute on a prego belly, I think!)

Do I need to really type anything about this one?! (Novae Clothing) Hands down... LoVe it!

The Size Small fit me just fine. I Like this look in the pic. I even tried it with just a good 'ol pair of regular jeans. (not skinny...not jeggings -like in the pic) & still loved it!

It is 100% Cotton, & I don't iron... who has time for that?! I normally just damp 'n it with a water spray bottle & put it in the dryer on high heat for a few mins. --Wrinkles don't really bother me like they do my husband, I'm a mom & I like to give hugs & carry my baby - it's going to wrinkle anyways! ~ Such as life!

All the pockets are Functional too! You could remove the belt & use it on another outfit too... just a thought!

This Red is the Pretty Red! (Novae Clothing) Who doesn't like a CuTe ReD shirt?! You could wear it for Christmas, Valentine's, through the SuMMeR & with Fall Colors! I LoVe me a pretty Red Shirt!
It has a band at the bottom of the shirt (which by the way, the Size Small shirt is long enough for me) & the Top of it has like this stretchy, elastic band that ruffles around the top part of the shirt --all the way around. It's CuTe, Simple, & Unique! You could easily dress this up with a scarf, necklace or Nothing at all! The material was soft & stretchy too. You could wear something underneath it if you wanted... not necessarily needed but may be preferred.

This is your Basic Long sleeve T! (Novae Clothing) We all need one of these every year right?! Novae Clothing has it in Black & White. It's made for layering. I found the size Small to fit me a little snug, I preferred the size Med. in this one. --but either size would serve it's purpose. The sleeves were long enough in both sizes. It is thin -therefore the reason for layering. All around, it's a decent shirt & for the price it's a steal!

I enjoyed trying on these Great Products from Novae Clothing! They all look & feel like they are good quality clothing that could last a long time if taken care of properly. --Read What they recommend on their site under each Description.

To find these Products & More! (like Cadet hats you can't find anywhere else) Go to:


Thanks & "Happy ShoPPinG!" :o)

November 1, 2010

Modest Clothing ~ Novae Clothing

Their is a New Modest Clothing Store on line: Novae Clothing, just opened today!

~ They have CuTe Unique Tops & Cadet Hats! ~

Novae Clothing offers a Flat Rate shipping of $3.50! Plus if you purchase 3 items or more you get 10% off your entire order ~ Which most likely washes out your s/h-- so it's FREE!

~ Shop early for Christmas! ~ The Gift Cards are Great!

**Check back for my personal reviews on select products they sell!
Click HERE to ShoP!

Thanks & "HaPPY ShoPPinG!" :o)