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April 26, 2010

~ Modest4me ~ Modest Clothing ~ CuTe Modest Flower T ~

I LoVe THIS Shirt! Don't YoU?! It just says "Spring" or even "Summer" to me in a CuTe, yet Beautiful way!

Can YoU imagine the LooKs & CoMpLiMeNtS You will get when you wear it?! -- Not to mention how "PrettY" YoU will FeeL!

It's just so.... ME! Totally want 2 get it for my Birthday! "Happy Birthday 2 Me!" :o)

You can buy it HERE.... along with other GreaT Deals + FREE Shipping! (Very limited quantities) ~ Don't wait to long. + Check Out the "Bargains" Section HERE too.... it truley is... a Bargain!

Thanks & as always, "Happy Shopping!!" :o)

April 7, 2010

~ MoRe Modest Swimwear!!! ~

It's Officially Spring (yay)....it's time to Get Your SwimSuit Shopping ON!!

~ HaVe you Found that PerfecT Swimsuit Yet?!

Look HERE and HERE 2 help YoU find "The Perfect Swimsuit!"

I'll be posting/entering in more Modest (Modbe) Swimwear 4 SaLe by other people at a GreaT Pr$ce through out this week!! This is the ONLY site that is Selling Modbe Swimwear from previous years....most, if not ALL are Brand New with the Tags still on!! -- LoVe it!
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Thanks! and "Happy Shopping!" :o)

April 1, 2010

Modest4me Teerific T ~ Always FREE s/h...

I wanted to tell you about another CuTe Modest top that I got at a GreaT Pr$ce ~ $8 bucks to be exact. -- remember, FREE shipping!

I LoVe FREE Shipping & Shopping on-line with
This Company! I don't have to drag my 4 kids to a store to shop the Clearance Racks (which I do occasionally without the kidos) 4 a GreaT Pr$ce on good quality clothing, when I know I'm going to get a GreaT Pr$ce on CuTe Clothing & Shop in my Jammie's if I want 2! :o)

This is the Teerific T that I really like! (Turquoise Stripe) You can find it HeRe, if they are still available (very limited). They come in 3 different colors!! :o)

I have worn it several times already & get several compliments on it. I wear it currently with a white 3/4 sleeve underneath it. --Mother Nature here in Idaho doesn't know what she wants... we've had snow, hail & rain the last week of March. -- So, needless to say, it's been a bit chilly. I plan on wearing this T throughout the SuMMeR when it finally comes! The sleeves fit me perfectly in a size M, & the length is GreaT!