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March 25, 2010

Modest Clothing @ a GreaT Pr$ce + FREE Shipping!

A few months ago I received an e-mail with This company's link attached to it! I fell in LoVe.... with their Clothes, the Pr$ces, & the Fact that they have FREE Shipping ~ ALL the TiMe!! :o) So, I ordered some things...and was EaSiLy able to stay within my Budget at the same time!

~ This is just one of the items that came....literally with in a Few DaYs After I placed my order.... I was so ExCiTeD!!!

This Modest Dress was one of my many choices to choose from & it was only $20 bucks! -- that's it! -- FREE Shipping remember! :o)

It's called Isabelle-Black & I was really SuRpriSeD that it had Breast cups/padding inside the dress. -- LoVe it! When You have a "smaller" chest like mine, any "padding" at least for me anyways, is a WonDerFuL ThinG!

I wore it with a Black Tank underneath & my FuN ReD shoes that I got at a Second hand Store, I felt so PreTTy!

The 3/4 sleeves were NOT Snug tight, so I wasn't constantly pulling them down (I find that so annoying). The DreSS fell just below my knees & I'm ALL LegS... little over 5'7"...most of that is Legs.
Dresses Like these are a hard find for me because I do have such long legs & I like my dresses, skirts & shorts a certain length for coverage that I'm comfortable with. I Can't wait to wear this Dress with a Prego Belly some day, In my opinion, it will LooK so CuTe! :o)

~ BoKu Clothing ~ "Shopping Tip" they carry Very Limited quantities on their products because they like to AlWaYs keep things "FreSh" every few months! So Check Back here often as I will be posting about various Products that they have to offer at a GreaT Pr$ce + AlwaYs FREE Shipping! :o)

March 13, 2010

Modbe Swim ~ Modest Swimwear!

I just counted & I have posted 17 different Modbe Swim Tops!!
~ Some in various sizes & ALL of them @ GreaT Pr$ceS!!!
+ More to come, so Check Back Often!! :o)

Thanks & "Happy Shopping!"

March 9, 2010

~ MoRe Modbe SwimWeaR...2010!! ~

I Just posted more Modbe Swimwear at GreaT Pr$ceS!!!
This is "My Version of Modbe Swim 2010!"

The Modest Swimwear is made from Modbe Clothing (whom is no longer in business, as of 12/09) & most of the Modbe Swimear is NEW.... coming from old Modbe Consultants, like myself! Some of the Modbe Swimwear is from Previous Swim lines, such as 2008 & still NEW with the tags still on & Pr$ced just RiGhT!

**The date the items where posted are just below the description... Found what YoU want to buy?! -- click on the e-mail! :o)

~ YoU Didn't Find what you where looking for?! Check Back often... Grab my Button & look for me on fb here very soon .... as I post more stuff just about every week!! ~

Thanks for Shopping Modest 4 me! ~ Tell Your FaMiLy & FriEnDs!! :o)