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April 5, 2011

Finding my Truth with Dressing your Truth!

Do you ever find yourself...

kind of like a routine of: doing your hair the same way - Year after Year?

(-- not that I'm saying that's a bad thing) ...Possibly feeling like you are trying to find

Who you Are?!

Are you like me?! ~ a little Confused...

{I KNOW I'm not the only one!}

...trying to find who you are by the way you dress, do your makeup (if you wear any) & your hair... if you choose to fix it most days

{I wear a lot of hats during the week, so I don't HAVE to fix my hair.}

~ Who You want to be that day! ~ Let's face it... Clothes are Fun but Frustrating too! A Friend of mine, Allison ~ Now my "Partner" in this New Adventure that we are sharing with you, told me about this company!

I had no idea that my friend was struggling with the same things I was! She also felt "Stuck in a Rut" & Overwhelmed when Shopping... What to buy? so many colors? How to fix/wear my hair? ~ Needing a "Change!" ~ We are both in our 30's & have 4 children & we KNOW we are not the only Women that feel this way! We have so much to tell & share with you but for now we just wanted to Introduce

Dressing your Truth

You can read about Allison's Journey so far HERE. We are Hoping you will join Me/us on this Journey as I go through the process of Dressing my Truth & actually finding a Hair Style that fit's Me & My personality & NOT the latest trends. I have Natural Curly hair & Allison has Straight hair I have not really found

"The Hair Style"

that fit's Me & My Personality! I'm so looking forward to this little "mini makeover" just for me!and "The Color of Clothing, Jewlery, & makeup" that looks good on me & fits my Personality Type! {Not Body Types!}

I'm finally doing something for me.

To find out who I am & How I fit into this Beautiful World that was Created for you & me!

*Won't you join us on this Fun Adventure?! ~ Aren't you a little bit Curious to learn more about Yourself & What "Type" of Beauty You are?!

Go HERE to learn more & watch a short 2min. video.

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