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November 2, 2010

Novae Clothing Product Reviews ~ Modest Clothing

So I had the Privilege of trying on some of the products from Novae Clothing ~ Love them by the way!
Before I get started the option is available to you to read:

the Modest 4 Me Disclaimer & Review Policy

Just to give you an idea of what I look like.... I'm a little over 5'7" & have long legs & arms a small/short torso & a small chest to match! (I did have 4 kids ya know...) I normally wear a size Small in tops, sometimes XS.

Their now that you have a visual of me this is how the products fit me & my body type.... which by the way I would put myself between a boy shape & petite shape -- but then I have a "bubble bum" too --- so wouldn't that put me in a little pear shape too?! Anyways, we are all shaped differently, Thank goodness!

The V-Neck Shadow Stripe (Novae Clothing)

I really liked this shirt, both the Olive color & the brown are pretty colors. I would recommend wearing something under it -- the in between stripes are lighter.
The Sleeves, oh my gosh! They are long enough! YAY! ~ And CuTe! I have never seen sleeves like this before....It is slimming in the mid section, which I think gives it an even more Girly look! I think the model wearing this is over 6feet & she is wearing a size small.

The Bow Tie Ruffle Front, I have to say it... is One of my Favorites! (Novae Clothing)

The material is soft & stretchy! (I think this would look cute on a prego belly!) I like the way the layers of the fabric around the neck just layer around it & the Bow Tie & Ruffles really draw your attention! I thought this shirt fit a little bit on the Bigger end. The size Small is still a little big on me. --But it's so darn cute, I would still wear it! I wore a black undershirt underneath it, but I usually wear undershirts under everything now a days...

The arm holes are not tight --they fit nicely/loose (they have a gathered elastic band around them) I think this model is also over 6feet tall & she normally wears a size Med. & the Shirt she is wearing is a size Small!

This Henley Thermal is definitely made for layering. (Novae Clothing)

When I layer, I like to be able to breathe. I usually order up a size than what I normally would wear. -- except for the layering piece that I put on first, I would normally get that in a size small.

This Blue thermal I personally would wear in a Size Med. so I could wear an undershirt underneath it. The size Small fit, it was just a little more snug than how I normally wear my clothes. The arms were long enough! YAY! (can you tell this is a problem area for me?!)

I have never had a Thermal Hoodie before. (Novae Clothing) So when I layered it with the Henley Thermal, I really liked it! I tried this one on in a size Small -- but the Med. would've been fine too. The sleeves were long enough for me on both sizes. --again, the size small was a little more snug.

ok, this FunKy Capsleeve T is FuN!! (Novae Clothing) What kind of mom doesn't wear a FuN T?! Their is still a KiD in me somewhere....

This shirt is pretty true to size. I tried on a size Small & it was fine. -- It was even long enough! YAY! I would recommend wearing an undershirt with this one as well... it's a little see through. The material is soft & a stretchy too! (Cute on a prego belly, I think!)

Do I need to really type anything about this one?! (Novae Clothing) Hands down... LoVe it!

The Size Small fit me just fine. I Like this look in the pic. I even tried it with just a good 'ol pair of regular jeans. (not skinny...not jeggings -like in the pic) & still loved it!

It is 100% Cotton, & I don't iron... who has time for that?! I normally just damp 'n it with a water spray bottle & put it in the dryer on high heat for a few mins. --Wrinkles don't really bother me like they do my husband, I'm a mom & I like to give hugs & carry my baby - it's going to wrinkle anyways! ~ Such as life!

All the pockets are Functional too! You could remove the belt & use it on another outfit too... just a thought!

This Red is the Pretty Red! (Novae Clothing) Who doesn't like a CuTe ReD shirt?! You could wear it for Christmas, Valentine's, through the SuMMeR & with Fall Colors! I LoVe me a pretty Red Shirt!
It has a band at the bottom of the shirt (which by the way, the Size Small shirt is long enough for me) & the Top of it has like this stretchy, elastic band that ruffles around the top part of the shirt --all the way around. It's CuTe, Simple, & Unique! You could easily dress this up with a scarf, necklace or Nothing at all! The material was soft & stretchy too. You could wear something underneath it if you wanted... not necessarily needed but may be preferred.

This is your Basic Long sleeve T! (Novae Clothing) We all need one of these every year right?! Novae Clothing has it in Black & White. It's made for layering. I found the size Small to fit me a little snug, I preferred the size Med. in this one. --but either size would serve it's purpose. The sleeves were long enough in both sizes. It is thin -therefore the reason for layering. All around, it's a decent shirt & for the price it's a steal!

I enjoyed trying on these Great Products from Novae Clothing! They all look & feel like they are good quality clothing that could last a long time if taken care of properly. --Read What they recommend on their site under each Description.

To find these Products & More! (like Cadet hats you can't find anywhere else) Go to:


Thanks & "Happy ShoPPinG!" :o)

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